Right way to care full and partial dentures

The Right Way to Care for Full and Partial Dentures – Edmonton, Have You Been Doing It Right?

Dentures are quite the investment, but when you care for them properly, you will get the right results and an improved quality of life. Better care of your dentures means you get more years from them and experience fewer risks for further tooth loss, bone loss, or gum disease.

When you receive your dentures, your dental professional will send you home with care instructions. Never ignore these – even if they seem tedious and unnecessary. Your dentist is trying to help you get the maximum years from your investment, and it will pay for itself in the end.

A Dentist’s Guide for How to Care for Partial and Full Dentures

Dentures allow you to enjoy foods you love and with today’s technological advancements no one knows you are wearing them except for you and your dental professional.

To avoid having to replace them prematurely, here is how you can care for them properly:

  • Be Gentle When You Remove Them: It does not matter whether you have partial or full dentures, never yank them out of your mouth. Instead, gently grip both sides of the device with your hands and remove them slowly. This prevents any warping, which would make your dentures feel uncomfortable the next time you put them in.
  • Rinse Them, Always: For your oral health and the appearance of your dentures, you need to follow through with your rinsing regimen. Just because you do not have natural teeth does not mean you are free from the risks of gum disease. Unclean dentures can cause gum infections and inflammation. Rinse daily and preferably after each meal.
  • Clean With Gentle Pressure: Use a cleaning agent specifically designed for denture cleaning, and nothing with whitening or harsh abrasive agents should ever be used. While you gently clean, place them on a soft towel. Cleaning them on your countertop only increases the risk that they will drop and shatter.
  • Soak Overnight: While it is true you could wear them overnight, dentures are best soaked when you don’t need them. Soaking will rehydrate them, which prevents bends and cracks. Also, it makes them more comfortable to put back in the next day.
  • Do Not Use Your Teeth Like Tools: Whether you have a partial or full denture set, do not assume they are unbreakable because they are not real teeth. Your teeth (dentures or not) are not multi-purpose tools.
  • Continue to See Your Dentist for Check-Ups: If you have partial dentures, then you still have remaining teeth, which need annual cleanings and check-ups. Even if you have no remaining teeth, your gum health should be monitored by a dental professional at least once a year (preferably twice a year).
  • Handle With Care: When you are not wearing your dentures and not soaking them overnight, place them in a soft plastic case. Never put them on a hard surface where they might scratch or chip.

Is it Time for a Denture Upgrade? Contact Your Local Edmonton Team for Full or Partial Dentures

Even well-cared for dentures need replacing from time to time. Typically, with the right amount of care you can get five to eight years out of your dentures – closer to eight when you use the techniques mentioned above.

Once you are ready to replace them, or you would like to explore your options for a new set, schedule an appointment with the team at Northtown Dental Association. We can help fit, maintain, and repair your dentures so you get the most out of your new smile.

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