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Northtown Dental Associates provides crown and bridgework for all your needs. If your teeth are heavily decayed, sometimes a filling isn’t enough to repair the damage. However, you may not be ready to move on to dentures just yet. Crowns and bridges are both used to help repair decaying or broken teeth, but what are the differences between the two?


If your mouth has missing teeth, your surrounding teeth may drift or decay, creating additional spaces that may alter your bite or affect the aesthetics of your smile. Bridges are used to help replace missing teeth and can be constructed of porcelain, metal or a high gold alloy depending upon your personal preference. Their name is derived from their ability to literally “bridge” gaps between your teeth. Bridges involve attaching your replacement tooth permanently to the teeth on either side to prevent movement from occurring, and to replace missing teeth.


Crowns are used to make your teeth stronger and more aesthetically appealing. Crowns cover and support your teeth that had a large filling where tooth decay has weakened or discoloured your teeth. They are also used to protect teeth that are treated with a root canal. Crowns can also be constructed of various materials depending upon your personal preference.

Professional endodontists and general dentists also offer root canal therapy to save natural teeth. Northtown Dental Associates offers root canal therapy as part of our family dentistry services.

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